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Thriving Through The Pandemic As A Real Estate Investor & Educator with Monick Halm

October 12, 2021

Monick Halm is the founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses. She is an educator and advocate for female real estate investors, and has a mission to help 1 million women achieve financial freedom through real estate. Monick is herself a real estate investor and syndicator, and owns, together with her investors, over 1300 rental doors across seven states.  She is also a #1 bestselling author, podcast host, Real Estate Strategy Mentor, wife, and mother of three amazing kids.


[00:01 - 04:16] Opening Segment

  • Get to know Monick Halm
  • Monick talks about what she has been up to recently


[04:17 - 10:42] Quick Rewind in REI

  • “I was an accidental investor!”
  • Monick shares the story of her first real estate investment, a house hack
  • House hacking before knowing it was a thing
  • A blessing in disguise in 2008
  • A conversation that completely changed Monick’s real estate game
  • Monick and her husband’s first syndication


[10:43 - 22:58] Thriving Through The Pandemic As A Real Estate Investor & Educator

  • Monick’s past and current investments
  • An asset that made Monick say, “Good for us and our investors, terrified me as a buyer!”
  • Triple Net Leases in Industrial
  • Mindsets, Strategies, and Opportunities
  • “How can I use this to take me higher?”
  • The Best Asset in 2020
  • Monick talks about a book her father gave her that changed her life
  • Unsane in every way and how Monick powered through


[22:59 - 32:05] Closing Segment

  • Quick break for our sponsors

  • What is the best investment you've ever made other than your education?
    • In relationships
  • Monick’s worst investment
    • Investments where she did not trust her intuitive guidance
  • What is the most important lesson that you've learned in business and investing?

    • “Trust that intuitive wisdom inside of me.”
  • Connect with my guest. See the links below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“I truly believe that life happens for me, not to me.” - Monick Halm

“I invest a lot in being around other people that will take me higher.” - Monick Halm

“Trust that inner voice.  Trust my intuition.” - Monick Halm


Connect with Monick Halm through Instagram and LinkedIn.  Visit their website


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